Teach Your Child to “Eat for Life”

My book was born from hours spent with parents worrying about their kids not eating vegetables, only wanting cookies, or thinking that they’re fat and need to diet. What parents let their kids eat can even cause tension between spouses. These times are tough; parents are caught between worrying about rising rates of obesity and worrying about their kids’ desires to diet. Having worked in the field of eating disorders, I’ve created a 4-Step Program that helps parents prevent eating problems before they develop, or to figure out “What the Problem is”, Whose Problem it is, and What to do About It.

Along with direct work in my practice through a visit or through Skype and Face Time if you are not in the NY area, I offer workshops and write frequently on all kinds of issues that parents face. If you are struggling with any problem with a child, I encourage you to reach out for further information or to schedule a free 15-minute telephone conversation.

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